Monday, 20 August 2007

Month 6 - Joshua

Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years continues tonight with the book of Joshua. I have to confess it's probably my least favourite book of the Bible, but as a result I'm certainly looking forward to this session as I think I have some important things to discuss and I'm interested in everyone else's perspectives.

In terms of resources I've focussed on printed matter mainly for this session looking at two very different perspectives - Richard Hess's commentary and Gerd Ludemann's "The Unholy in Holy Scripture: The Dark Side of the Bible", as well as the usual resources.

Anyway the session kicks off at 7:30pm at 5 Meadow Lane tonight (20th August)


Matt Sisson said...

I'm looking forward to it!

Matt Page said...

Hey, do you get this through a feed or something? Cool if so - I keep meaning to get one of them set up for myself.


Beloved Spear said...

Least favorite? Hmmm. Wait until you get to Ezra.