Saturday, 19 March 2011

Month 46 - 1 Corinthians

This month is the first of two sessions looking at Paul's letters to the Corinthian church, which would have meant something quite different in their culture as we will see.

1 Corinthians is one of my favourite books, certainly the one I find most interesting, so hopefully it'll be a good discussion. Commentary from Hunter film from A.D. and Eddie Izzard.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Month 45 - Romans

Most commonly hailed as Paul's greatest letter Romans was a key influence during the reformation and continues to be today. It also means that the second part of the New Testament (the epistles) carries on from where part 1 (theological histories) left off - in Rome.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Month 44 - Acts

The New Year starts with a look at the various comings and goings in the early church - The Acts of the Apostles (or Acts for short). Acts is, I think, one of my favourite books of the Bible, inspiring but hardly a hagiographic whitewash. Perhaps that's why I've been enjoying John Henson's interesting book "Bad Acts of the Apostles". I'll also be drawing on Geza Vermes, William Barclay and a commentary written by somebody Page; no relation as far as I know.

Film-wise there are quite a few films on Acts / the lives of Peter / Paul. I've finally ordered the 80s miniseries AD, leaving me to anxiously check my mail every day, hitherto without success. There's also Peter and Paul starring Anthony Hopkins in the latter role. I also have a mini-series called St. Peter starring Omar Sharif as the titular saint. I tried to watch it once but it was pretty bad. Plus there's a word for word one and a few others that barely register a mention.

As it's the church AGM on Tuesday 25th January I'm going to have to change the date I emailed out a while back. The Tuesday session will now be on Tuesday the 18th. There might be a somewhat Return of the Jedi-esque Death Star 2.0 feel about it though. The Monday session will be on Monday 24th January as originally planned. Both start at 41 Linden Road at 7:30pm.