Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Month 15 - Ezra

May's Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years is looking at Ezra, a love it or hate it book about life after the Jewish Exile. There are no free Thursday's between now and the end of the month, so the new-group session will be on Wednesday 21st May from 7:45pm. The original group will be on Monday 26th May at 7:30. What better way to go finish a bank holiday weekend?

There are some useful extra resources for Ezra, namely the other books / chapters attributed to Ezra that are absent from Protestant Bibles. That may lead us into a discussion on canonicity. I'll be using all the usual favourites, and the Peter Ackroyd commentary I used briefly for I and II Chronicles also covers Ezra and Nehemiah.

Film-wise it appears that there's never been a movie made about Ezra. Not hugely surprising, but it means that for this month's image I've had to rely on a photo of the Behistun Inscription.

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