Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Month 23 - Isaiah

New Year, new president, new biblical genre - prophecy. And Isaiah is obviously the big one with all it's "unto us a child is born"ing here, and it's "lion shall lie down with the lamb"ing there. As ever, things start at 41 Linden Road at 7:30 on Monday 26th Jan.

Rsources wise, there are stacks. I am shortly to be reunited with my library, so whilst I have already snaffled a couple of Isaiah commentaries, and already have a number of the course texts with me, I'll enjoy having those to dip into again.

But for what it's worth, Isaiah is given a very short shrift film-wise. About ten minutes of one Living Christ episode where the story from Isaiah 36-37 appears by way of introduction to the prophet and his writings, which in turn introduces Jesus, whom the series is really about.

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