Thursday, 12 March 2009

Month 25 - Lamentations

In contrast to its predecessor, Jeremiah, Lamentations is one of the shorter books in the Old Testament, and one of the most easily forgotten. Squeezed in between two of the Bible's most impenetrable texts - the prophetic ramblings of Ezekiel and Jeremiah, it's easily skipped. Not quite Wisdom, not quite a minor prophet, it's all in limbo.

But perhaps during a credit crunch it's one of the more appropriate books to be reading - a grieving man's lament over his broken city.

As most of the last session was spent watching the film of Jeremiah, I want to spend the start of the session looking at a couple of other things abut Jeremiah, who is, after all , traditionally associated with the writing of this book, before going on to concentrate on Lamenations itself. Kicking off at 7'@:30pm on Monday 23rd March at 41 Linden Road. Hopefully see you there.

In terms of resources, a couple of bits from Lamentations appear in the film, but I'll mainly be drawing on the usual texts, plus R.K.Harrison's commentary on Jeremiah and Lamentations. If I turn up any interesting internet links in my research I'll add them below.

Edit: Oh, and I've just found out that Rob Bell's Mars Hill Church is coming to the end of a series on Lamentations.

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