Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bibledex: Excellent Resource

It's all come a little too late for Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years to really benefit, but the University of Nottingham has been releasing the Bibledex videos on each book of the Bible, but whereas the early days seemed to be mainly New Testament (perhaps because I was reading about them at Mark Goodacre's New Testament Weblog) they've recently (as in the last two months) released most of the Old Testament as well. The only book we could really have used these resources for is Haggai, but I will be able to use them for Malachi as well. Once we're into the gospels we're not as short of resources so I probably won't use them much until we get onto the letters. But anyway it's a good resource to have and I'm going to add it to the sidebar.

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bibledex said...

Many thanks for looking at our videos and giving them a mention... The whole set of 66 videos should be finished in the next few days!