Monday, 3 January 2011

Month 44 - Acts

The New Year starts with a look at the various comings and goings in the early church - The Acts of the Apostles (or Acts for short). Acts is, I think, one of my favourite books of the Bible, inspiring but hardly a hagiographic whitewash. Perhaps that's why I've been enjoying John Henson's interesting book "Bad Acts of the Apostles". I'll also be drawing on Geza Vermes, William Barclay and a commentary written by somebody Page; no relation as far as I know.

Film-wise there are quite a few films on Acts / the lives of Peter / Paul. I've finally ordered the 80s miniseries AD, leaving me to anxiously check my mail every day, hitherto without success. There's also Peter and Paul starring Anthony Hopkins in the latter role. I also have a mini-series called St. Peter starring Omar Sharif as the titular saint. I tried to watch it once but it was pretty bad. Plus there's a word for word one and a few others that barely register a mention.

As it's the church AGM on Tuesday 25th January I'm going to have to change the date I emailed out a while back. The Tuesday session will now be on Tuesday the 18th. There might be a somewhat Return of the Jedi-esque Death Star 2.0 feel about it though. The Monday session will be on Monday 24th January as originally planned. Both start at 41 Linden Road at 7:30pm.

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