Sunday, 5 September 2010

Month 40 - Matthew

Rough Guide to the New Testament (the New Testament part of Through the Bible in Five and a Half Years) kicks off on Monday 27th September and is repeated the following day. The session will be looking at the Gospel of Matthew.

Going into the New Testament means that a number of resources I have been using will be used no more (such as Anderson's "Critical Introduction to the Old Testament"), but also brings new resources into play. I've been working through John Court's "Reading the New Testament" over the summer, and there are quite a few other NT books I plan on using.

Being, as I am, named after this gospel I've collected a number of commentaries on it over the years; William Barclay's (2 vols), Michael Green's, John Fenton and D.A Carson. I also did a zone a few years ago on this subject and borrowed a few for the occasion which will influence what we look at.

Being, as we are, in the easy part of the Bible there are lots of online media resources to chose from as well. I'll highligh just two here - Bibledex's intro video (which I've not yet watched) and Mark Goodacre's podcasts which I've really enjoyed.

And of course there are films. Lots of Jesus films obviously (as readers of my other blog will know), but there are two which focus specifically on Matthew's version of events - Pasolini's Gospel According to St. Matthew and the Visual Bible's word for word version.

Whew. I'll try to go on less next month. See you at either the Monday or Tuesday session at the end of the month. 7:30 at 41 Linden Road.

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