Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Month 41 - Mark

It could be argued that we owe more to the Gospel of Mark than any other single book, although there are a few others for which a good case could be made.

As usual we'll be starting at 7:30pm at 41 Linden Road. The same session will run on both Monday 25th October and Tuesday 26th October, so take your pick.

In terms of resources, I have access to a really good number of commentaries on Mark. The main one I've been using is William Telford's introduction "Mark", which is also the most recent of those I have (from this century rather than the last), plus it, um, has a nice cover. Telford also is a fan of Jesus films (see his book for example; he obviously knows what he's on about) But I've also had a quick look at those by William Barclay (an old favourite of mine), AM Hunter, the classic by D.E.Nineham (available from all good second hand shops), Morna Hooker and if I have time Larry Hurtado.

In terms of more modern media, Mark is actually the only gospel not to have been adapted word-for-word into a "film". There are various reasons for this, but no doubt the absence of a birth of a resurrection appearance by Jesus probably has something to do with it. A short introductory documentary has been made however by the University of Nottingham's Bibledex project. And Mark Goodacre's podcasts are always good listening. He's collected all of those that relate to Mark here.

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